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Serving an individual with legal papers is a serious procedure that shouldn’t be left to inexperienced third parties. If the process is completed incorrectly, you could even jeopardize the integrity of your legal case. To ensure that the process complies with all requirements under the law, it’s essential to have it completed by an experienced professional. Here at Attorneys Service Bureau, we have the knowledge, resources, and skills to complete the job efficiently and legally. Count on our nationwide process service in Boise, ID, to serve individuals locally and across the country.

Find the Right Person

The most important aspect of serving legal papers is guaranteeing that the correct person is found as named in the documents. If the papers are delivered to the wrong individual, the accused person can rightly claim to have never received the papers due to mishandling by a third party. This invalidates your entire legal process.

At Attorneys Service Bureau, we use our background in private investigation services and our vast databases—including more than two billion records—to ensure that the appropriate party is found and served.

Always Here For You

Every case is unique, which is why we take the time to fully understand and follow through on your special requirements. You can count on us for more than just serving papers; we also undertake background checks, civil record searches, cellular phone and restricted number traces, and much more. Whatever it takes, we’re here to uncover the information that you need.


Contact us today for our investigation services and set the wheels of justice in motion. Our professional process servers will be more than happy to schedule a consultation to determine the best services for your case.

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