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Private Investigation Services in Boise, ID, and Beyond

When you need the full picture, rely on Attorneys Service Bureau. We’re the leading team for private investigation services in Boise, ID, and operate nationwide on behalf of our clients.

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Our professionals will always research and report in a manner that is admissible in court. Whether you are an attorney, law enforcement agency, employer, or private citizen, we work diligently to provide the information you need to make important decisions. By searching official databases from across the nation and conducting our own investigations, we produce as complete a picture as possible of the person who is under your scrutiny. Our full range of services includes:

 » Missing Persons Investigations
 » Other Investigations
 » Nationwide Process Services
 » Criminal Record Searches
 » Civil Record Searches
 » Criminal History Research
 » Background Profiles
 » Skip Tracing
 » Wants/Warrants
 » Repossessions
 » Asset Location
 » Property Record Searches
 » Witness Locating Interviews
 » Courier Services
 » Cellular Phone and Restricted Number Traces
 » Telephone Reverse Lookup
 » Address Location
 » Court and Public Record Searches
 » Employment Background Checks
 » Death Record Research

Investigative Excellence since 1985

For decades, we’ve held ourselves to the highest measure of success, earning our distinction as a leading private investigation service. For matters of sensitive and difficult-to-discover information, leave the job to us. We always uphold the highest standards of confidentiality and professional conduct in all of our assignments.

Our team will deliver the data you need in a timely manner. Likewise, if you need us to locate an individual to serve them with a legal summons or documents, our nationwide process service team fulfills the request promptly. Call us to find out what investigation services we offer today.